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The Chicago Blackhawks and the National Anthem

The Chicago Blackhawks have been televised nationally on a regular basis over the last several seasons because of their recent run of excellent play. So most hockey fans are familiar with Hawks fans’ unique way of saluting the flag during the playing of the National Anthem: basically screaming their lungs out for the duration of […]

You call that long-suffering?

A lot has been written about the Cubs and their long-suffering fans. I’m one of the many who still wonders if they’ll win a World Series in my lifetime. But really, the title for Longest Suffering, in my opinion, goes to professional sports fans living in Cleveland.
Let’s face it. Since I was born, other than […]

Michael Jordan was putty… in my mind

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I believe I’d be correct in saying that many sports fans — especially those of us who wished we could actually play sports at a high level — have Walter Mitty moments. Put simply that’s when you daydream about your amazing, totally unreachable athletic achievements… pretending you da man!
I’ve had a few Walter Mitty moments myself. […]